The LPDI (Liquefied Petroleum Gas Direct Injection) system operates in a BI-FUEL mode alongside the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) system of Gasoline GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) vehicles.
It directly injects LPG fuel into the cylinder, functioning in a Bi-Fuel mode while also capable of running in a dedicated LPG Mono-Fuel mode with the ability for direct starting using LPG.
When the LPDI system is installed in a GDI gasoline vehicle, the engine output performance remains the same as that of a gasoline GDI vehicle.
  • The existing high-pressure pump is used without replacing the gasoline high-pressure pump, reducing detachment and pump purchase costs.
  • Utilizes vapor lock prevention technology due to the vaporization enthalpy of LPG fuel, enabling direct LPG starting (starts within 1 second).
  • Independently develops and produces the ECU to control the LPDI system, allowing for swift adaptation to customer specifications and rapid response to new vehicle releases.
  • Equipped with a donut-shaped (76 liters) LPG tank, maximizing trunk space utilization.
Ignition Performance
Equivalent to gasoline
Equivalent to gasoline
Equivalent to or superior to gasoline
Equivalent to gasoline
(A difference of about 2% compared to gasoline)
*The graph below compares the combustion chamber pressure of gasoline and LPDI.
Petrol Combustion Chamber Pressure Graph
LPDI Combustion Chamber Pressure Graph
The chassis dynamometer test for the Genesis BH 3.8 GDI.
Configuring LPG-only systems
Overseas PCT Patent Application FOP
Pure domestic development technology
Patent registration
  • Invention Name: Direct injection of heterogeneous fuel
  • Patent registration : No. 10-1938259
LPG Dedicated System Parts
LPG charging station
Filter (removal of impurities)
Boost pump (with vibration mount)
Dedicated ECUs and Drivers
LPG return solenoid valve
  • For temperature control of LPG fuel
Cooler (high pressure pump cooling)
  • No high pressure pump processing and replacement required
76 litre donut tank like a gasoline vehicle in trunk space
  • Up to 900 km can be driven with large capacity tanks
LPDI Combustion Chamber Pressure Graph
  • Check on remaining fuel cluster with LPG-only vehicles
  • No switch operation required
  • No distraction to check the switch (Safety)