PCM air dryer controller
Phase change type air dryer PCM SERIES
Product Features
Delivering the highest efficiency
  • PCM (phase change material) action (patent application)
  • On/off control of refrigeration compressor according to compressed air load
  • Energy savings up to 99%
  • Recovering the initial cost of investment in the shortest amount of time
PCM built-in stainless steel brazing plate heat exchanger
  • No separate parts required for cold storage such as glycol tanks, pumps, valves, piping
  • durable stainless steel
  • High efficiency, high performance, minimal footprint
  • Dedicated helium leakage test (based on leakage: 0.3g or less per year)
No Loss Drain
  • capacitive sensor
  • Air loss when discharging condensed water 0
  • Automatic switch to timer mode in case of abnormal operation
OPTi-Eco PCM Exclusive Control Panel
86% energy savings
  • Extended operating cycle at low loads, reducing power consumption and extending refrigeration compressor operating life
  • Lower air dryer load ratio increases energy saving efficiency
Phase conversion material (PCM)
A substance that is designed to absorb or release a lot of latent heat as the state of a substance changes to liquid and solid at a constant temperature