Generator Digital
Speed Controller
  • Digital Speed Controllers apply the latest simplified analog and high-performance embedded microcontroller (MCU) design technology
  • Provides user convenience by applying functions such as low voltage extraction of a driving battery, battery reverse polarity protection, speed pick-up sensor failure detection, and fault message management in case of an error event
  • Actuators can be controlled according to constant and variable speeds even in constant or droop driving situations to meet a wide range of demands in various fields
  • Robust, stable front design
  • Display easy-to-install mounting holes and earth symbols
  • Provides a graphical user interface (GUI) with a graphical LCD that can be immediately understood while viewing
  • Convenient and quick setup with 8 button keys without analog adjustment
  • Fuel amount injected at initial start-up Set up
  • Over Current, Over Speed, Pick-Up listing and saving message history
  • Set up operation based on engine type selection
  • Provides RS232 and CAN ports for communication
  • PID control parameter digital input and PID auto setup function
  • Digital clock application for fault time and engine running time
  • Digital Speed Controller's System Information Display Function
Digital System Controller
System Configuration of Digital System Controller
Digital Speed Controller
Product Specifications
No. Category Explanation
1 MCU 16-bit DSC dsPIC33FJ256
2 Display Graphic LCD 128*64
3 Keypad LED: 6 EA
4 Output 8 Button Keys
5 Pick-up 3 contact points (a and b)
6 Memory RMS 3V(Min)
7 Communication RS232 57600bps, CAN(j1939)/250kbps
8 Used voltage DC + 24V(12V~30V)
9 Consumption current 600mA
10 Temperature of use -20~+70°C
11 Storage temperature -30~+80°C
12 Humidity used 0~95%
13 Dust/waterproofing IP44
14 EMI CE EN61000-4.2~4.6, EN61000-6.4
15 Weight 830g
16 Size 170x 165 x 37.3mm